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Natural Light effects

Our inspiration and passion to create surroundings that express our creativity and style is what fuels the desire to redecorate a living room, bedroom, office, or kitchen, but when you stand next to a wall of paint color options at your local home improvement store or search online for home decorating products, are you considering which direction the windows face in this particular room?

Here are some tips on how natural light can affect your decor.

Facing North
Northern Light is usually cold, and direct sunlight in your room only occurs in the middle of summer. Use warm colors such as red, yellow or orange in your decor to compensate for the coolness of the light. Blues or greens will make the room appear even colder.

Facing South
Southern Light is warm and sunny. You can use darker colors in a room with a southern exposure. Blues and greens in this room can create a summery feel all year long.

Facing East
Eastern Light gives a room sunny mornings but muted middays. The afternoon offers no direct light. Use a mix of warms and cools to balance out the daylight.

Facing West
Western Light features afternoon and evening sun. Use neutrals in this room. Using warm colors will overpower the room in the afternoon.

Your natural light may vary depending on how many windows in each room face what direction. Being aware of how the dominant natural light in your room affects your d├ęcor will help you make the best decisions about the color you use for paint and home furnishings.

Let the Light in!
I recently replaced my 2" wood blinds for 4" Plantation Shutters. The difference is, well, "day and night". The 4" fins let in so much more light. I particularly love the look of shutters. It fits the feel of my home and carries the clean white lines of my bead board and trim.

Shutters are not for everyone. Some people love window treatments and draperies rather than blinds or shutters. Some love a combination of both. It's a personal preference thing. Either way, OPEN them up during the day and let the light in. It's cheery and welcoming to have natural light. Maximize it no matter where your room is located.

*Nearly all these rooms are NORTH facing and get almost NO direct sunlight. Installing Shutters to maximize light (enhanced by the wide trim and white paint) made a big difference in the airy feel and natural light appeal. 

**disclaimer**  I am not a photographer. In fact, I just have a crappy point and shoot camera. So forgive me for the poor pictures:) My exposures are all over the place!

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