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Dare to paint...

Reclaimed, recycled, and reproduction furniture is all the rage right now. Each piece I have admired has been grey (of course) and a little too pricey. So I figured since the concept is to "reuse" that that is exactly what I would do.

I have an existing sideboard that is in my little entry. It is the perfect size and is so functional (this is where we store our shoes). I decided to paint it grey and freshen and update it. I got a sample paint from Restoration Hardware (charcoal) and had Home Depot mix me a quart of that exact color. RH paint is expensive and I didn't need a whole gallon either. I then went over the dried paint with a wax stain to give it an old worn in look.

The total cost of this project, including all my supplies was $28. You just can't beat that. I think she turned out nicely. When I'm sick of grey I will give her a new coat of whatever. Maybe you have something in your home or garage that just needs a little facelift. I say, dare to paint! Go for it and you may have found yourself a free piece of furniture:)



It looks a little blue here but it is more grey.

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Gina Oh | Gina Maxine Photography said...

love the grey! eden's bouquet post is finally up on my site and the EB site!